1: 1. Skip Popcorn Ceilings Old-fashioned and difficult to clean, popcorn ceilings are no longer trendy. Opt for a smooth and modern ceiling finish instead.

2: 2. Forget Brass Fixtures Brass fixtures are outdated. Upgrade to brushed nickel or matte black for a sleek and contemporary look in your home.

3: 3. Avoid Carpeted Bathrooms Carpet in the bathroom can lead to hygiene issues. Choose waterproof flooring options like ceramic tiles or vinyl planks instead.

4: 4. Say No to Shag Carpets Shag carpets are a thing of the past. Opt for low-pile carpets or hardwood floors for a cleaner and more modern aesthetic.

5: 5. Ditch the Wallpaper Borders Wallpaper borders can make a room feel dated. Instead, consider using a single, modern wallpaper pattern or opt for painted accent walls.

6: 6. Remove Pop-Out Windows Pop-out windows can hinder natural light and take away from the overall aesthetics. Replace them with larger, energy-efficient windows.

7: 7. Don't Stick with Laminate Countertops Laminate countertops are prone to scratches and stains. Upgrade to durable materials like quartz, granite, or marble for a more timeless appeal.

8: 8. Skip Closed Floor Plans Closed floor plans can make a home feel cramped and disconnected. Open up your living spaces for a more airy and inviting environment.

9: 9. Avoid Excessive Tile Accents Using too many tile accents can create a cluttered look. Choose a focal point or highlight specific areas for a more sophisticated design.