Why dogs dislike certain people but love others 

Dogs rely on their keen sense of smell to detect pheromones and subtle scent cues, influencing their initial reactions to individuals. 

Canine instincts and past experiences play a role; negative encounters or fear-inducing behaviors may trigger aversion. 

Dogs are attuned to human body language and energy, responding positively to calm, friendly gestures and negatively to tense or threatening signals. 

Familiarity and socialization also impact a dog's comfort level, as they tend to favor those who provide positive interactions. 

Dogs are perceptive to vocal tones, and a gentle, soothing voice often fosters trust, while loud or harsh tones may cause discomfort 

The presence of treats, toys, or positive reinforcement from certain individuals can create a positive association and foster affection. 

Dogs have individual preferences and may gravitate toward people who share similar temperaments or provide enjoyable experiences. 

Ultimately, a dog's affinity for certain individuals is a complex interplay of sensory perception, past interactions, and individual personality traits. 

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