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Sunrise Harbor Goldens

We are a family of five from the Gig Harbor area in Washington state. We are a new, small breeding business committed to creating healthy puppies with excellent temperaments that are reflective of the English Golden Retriever standard. We breed dogs fit for families, therapy, and emotional support. 

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We’re the Morris family. We have the great privilege of living in the Pacific Northwest in the Gig Harbor area. Our family loves dogs and we’ve never been without one. After much research and discussion, we decided to begin breeding English Golden Retrievers under the mentorship of seasoned breeders, because we’re committed to responsible breeding practices. 

We do not show our dogs, but they come from long lines of show dogs. Showing requires a lot of work, time and travel. As a family, we feel that our time and attention is better directed towards raising our puppies with the utmost love and attention, and helping them become fantastic dogs for other families. Our dogs’ main “jobs” are being our best friends and family members.

Our puppies are raised in our home and are part of our daily lives. We devote every day with our puppies to socializing, learning obedience and manners, and most importantly–loving them! 

Along with Phoebe, Monica and Chandler, our other pets include three cats named Tip, Tash, and Milo.

We look forward to sharing pictures of upcoming litters with you soon!

English Vs American Golden Retriever

English and American Golden Retrievers are the same breed–just held to different standards. Americans are held to the standard set forth by the AKC, the English adhere to the UKC. A “standard” is a guideline for the way a particular breed should look.

The most obvious difference between these two standards is the color. English Retrievers can vary from medium to light gold, while American Retrievers’ colors range from medium to dark gold. One color is not more “rare” than the other, which is a common misconception. While it is true that the English standard is not as common in America, Retrievers should not be bred for color, but for health and temperament.

One difference between the two standards is their health. On average, the cancer rates for English Golden Retrievers are 38.8%, while the cancer rates for Americans are 60%. English Retrievers also tend to live longer, usually about 12 years, as opposed to 10-11 years for American Retrievers.

The main distinction between these two standards are their physical appearance. Both have the same lovable personality traits of the Golden Retriever breed: happy, friendly, obedient and adorable!